White Horse Plan Submission Checklist

Plan submission and approval is required before any construction is started at White Horse.

To streamline the plan submission and approval process, all submissions should include the following information clearly labeled by your draftsman/architect directly on the print.  Hand written “Red Line” labels on prints will not be accepted.

Emailed electronic files of prints are usually sufficient for a “preliminary” plan approval.  However, before construction is started, a FULL SIZE set of prints consisting of the Plot Plan showing all Setbacks, the Elevation page(s), and the Floor Plans of each level of the home are required to be submitted before a builder will receive final plan approval.  It is not necessary to submit pages that do not contain the required information listed above.

Below is a Check List of items that must be clearly labeled by your draftsman/architect on all plan submissions.  This is not to imply that any of the other Covenant requirements are less important or not enforced, but rather the Check List below outlines the minimum information required to be labeled on every plan submission. 

Check List for Plan Submissions:

Please fill out the following Checklist with the required information and submit with your Plan for review.  Multiple plan reviews may result in a Plan Review Fee. 

_____________The Square footage of Qualifying Material (Covenant requirement minimum 50% Stone, Brick or Coated on type of Stucco – NOT Stucco Panels) on the front of the home.  The surface area on the front elevation of the home is defined in the Covenants as:

“The front elevation of a dwelling includes all surfaces on all levels on the front of a dwelling, which require an applied siding or veneer, from the farthest left corner to the farthest right corner and from the ground level to the soffit and fascia level, regardless of the direction in which the surface is facing.”

_____________The square footage of NON Qualifying material on the front of the home such as hardboard siding.

_____________Siding Type, such as Hardie Cement Board Siding.  Non-hardboard siding (i.e. Vinyl, Steel, Aluminum, etc.) on any elevation is prohibited.  Stucco panels are not allowed on the front of the dwelling; however exceptions may be made in the case of architectural interest. 

_____________A Plot Plan showing the front yard and side yard setbacks.

_____________The Square Footage of the home.

_____________Roof Pitch: a minimum of 6:12 is required.  A roof pitch of less than 6:12 may be granted for more “contemporary architectural style” homes with an increased soffit overhang dimension of 30-36 inches.

_____________Overhang Dimensions(s).  The minimum requirement is 16” from framed wall with the exception of decorative gable overhang which much be a minimum of 12” from the framed wall.  If a roof pitch of less than 6:12 is considered, then an extended overhang of approximately 30-36” is a requirement for approval. 

_____________Shingle Type: Must be labeled as “architectural” grade asphalt shingle, shake shingle, wood shingle, tile or slate.

_____________Doors/Windows on corner lot: The side of any house constructed on a corner lot is required to have doors and/or windows measuring a minimum of twenty four (24) square feet, located on the main level.  If there is interesting architectural detail to offset this requirement, the Developer may reduce the window/door requirement at its discretion to a minimum of fifteen (15) square feet. 


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